The late Rev Adonia Kirinda and his wife Margaret had a vision to evangelize Uganda way back in 1965. The couple worked for World Literature Crusade, and when eventually he was ordained they pastored two churches in Kampala, Uganda. During that time they also used to have Bible studies and prayer meetings in their home.


In 1973 Idi Amin came into power and started persecuting Christians trying to turn Uganda into an Islamic nation. Rev Adonia and Margaret Kirinda miraculously escaped death when Idi Amin sent soldiers to shoot them during a Bible study at their home, but instead they shot a wrong man. The two managed to leave the country and eventually, after almost a year, their five children were also smuggled from the country one by one with the youngest being only two years old.  


Rev Adonia and his wife struggled in America while he was going to school at Life Bible College, Azusa Pacific College and eventually at Fuller Theological Seminary where he received his Masters and PHD in Divinity.


All along God was preparing him and his wife to go back and serve their country. The couple spent 15 years in the USA during the reigns of Idi Amin and Milton Obote. It was during this time, after finishing school, that Africa Village Outreach was formed; God gave Rev Adonia Kirinda and his wife a vision to work with orphans and pastors. He tried to accomplish this through working with the International Gospel League. He first tried it in Sudan and then wanted to do this all over Africa. Africa Village Outreach was founded in 1980. The founders were Rev Adonia and Margaret Kirinda.


In July 1988 Rev Adonia and his wife returned to Uganda and their ministry of A.V.O as it was finally safe. Rev Adonia Kirinda was killed prematurely and unexpectedly in a plane crash on October 17, 1988 and Margaret has continued their vision and led A.V.O since that time.