Kyevunze Medical Clinic


The clinic offers treatment to everybody in need, whether they can pay for the services or not. The pupils at the Bethany Nursery and Primary School are treated free of charge.Clinic outside


About 10 to 15 patients are treated every day, most of whom suffer from diarrhoea, fever and coughing. Due to lack of electricity the clinic is not in position to admit patients overnight.


The clinic opens every day at 09am and closes when the days work is over, sometimes late at night.


The current staff:

Margaret Nalongo Kasule (nurse)Clinic inside

Namale Speciozor (nurse)

Nayiga Pascozia (cleaner)

These are assisted by a medical doctor from the District Hospital.


The clinic has been assisted by the government with medication and funds for the nurse and medical assistant. We are currently requesting them to offer a doctor who can assist us part time on a regular basis.