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Easter Sunday in Grace Church KansangaGCK Easter Sunday 2017

Easter Sunday 2017 was a big celebration in Grace Church Kansanga. 

The choir had prepared a mini concert, Bp. Margaret Kirinda preached, we had Holy Communion and those who had completed the Preparation for Ministry Discipleship Training Program were awarded certificates of Completions and commissioned for ministry. 

After the service we all enjoyed a delicious lunch together.

GCK Easter Sunday 2017

GCK Easter Sunday 2017

GCK Easter Sunday 2017

GCK Easter Sunday 2017

Preparation for Ministry 

GCK Discipleship traning 2017

Learning how to disciple others

Tuesday 7th March marked the start of a Discipleship Training Program in Grace Church Kansanga. 

The aim of the program is for our members to be equipped to shepherd new believers, and also to know the vision, mission and statement of faith of our ministry.

Participants with satisfactory attendance will be presented with a certificate of completion.

Visiting preachers in Grace ChurchKatherine.jpg

Katherine Seedeell (UK) visited us in January. She taught about praise and worship in our teaching services. 

Pr. Svein Egil Fikstvedt and his daughter Sarah (Norway) had a 9-day long stay with us in January/February where they ministered in 7 different churches, including Grace Church Kansanga and Lwensambya in Mubende. Their main focus was on healing, and everywhere people testified about healings, and even better, several got saved and came back to Jesus.

Svein Egil and Sara.jpg

Barbro Christensen (Norway) spent 1 week with us in March where she both preached and taught in our services. 

Happy New Year 2017


Christmas 2016

Christmas Service

As usual, we gathered on 25th December to celebrate the birth of Christ.

The speaker of the day was Bp. Margaret Kirinda, and all the different groups and choirs had prepared songs, dances and dramas to join in the celebration.

All of us here in Grace Church would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Christmas 2016Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016Christmas 2016


At the end of 2016 a group of 15 were baptized. After going through the baptism lessons, the group headed out to Lake Victoria together with Pr. Robert.

Baptism 2016Baptism 2016

Baptism 2016Baptism 2016

Baptism 2016Baptism 2016

Kampala Region Women's Conference in Grace Church

Women in TuneOn December 3rd women from all over Kampala gathered in Grace Church Kansanga for a 1-day conference. The speaker of the day was Mrs. Margaret Lwere, the wife to the National Overseer Bp. Lwere.

Women in TuneWomen in Tune

Building Grace Church

The month of November has been dedicated to “Building Grace Church”. By this we want to get to know our roots (the history of the church), know our calling (our vision), know our future (our mission) and build strong relationships within the Grace Church Kansanga.

In practical terms, this means we have dedicated the first two Tuesday and Thursday nights of November to studying the history, vision and mission of the church and then eat dinner together.

The aim is that every member should know the church they are part of, and also know what God has called us to do. In this way we hope more will find their place in the church and discover how they can best serve God within the vision of Grace Church.

The Grace Church VISION

Our vision is to be a church that

-          preaches the Word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit

-          teaches and equips believers

-          plants and builds churches

-          shelters people and develops communities



(Matthew 28:19-20)

-          Reaching out to villages and towns in Africa (EVANGELISM)

-          Training and equipping society (DISCIPLESHIP)

-          Through the power and wisdom of Jesus Christ.


The Grace Church MOTTO

Declare His glory among the nations, His wonders among all peoples.  (Psalm 96:3)

Visit to NorwayPreaching in Karisma 7 August 2016

Randi and Pr. Robert Andersen Kaddu are visiting Norway in August and September 2016. On 7th August Pr.Robert preached in Karisma Church.

Mission to Kyenjojo District

People from our 11 branch churches in Kyenjojo gathered for a 4-day conference in Grace Church Kabira in Kyenjojo District 21st - 24th July 2016. With 4 teaching sessions every day followed by crusade and film in the evenings the conference was a great success.

The 2 last photos in this post show that land has been given to the church in Kabira, and the pastors took advantage of the gathering and made sure all the pastors present signed the contract. A collection on Sunday marked the beginning of the construction project of what will be the Kyenjojo headquarters.

Kyenjojo 2016Kyenjojo 2016

Kyenjojo 2016Kyenjojo 2016

Kyenjojo 2016Kyenjojo 2016

Kyenjojo 2016Kyenjojo 2016

Women's Sunday in Grace Church Kansanga

GCK women 2016Sunday 28th February was Women's Day in Grace Church Kansanga.

We had four different women preachers - all from our own church, the women led praise and worship, Holy Communion and a four-member a capella choir blessed us with songs in Luganda.

Word of the Season

Banner 2016 photo.jpg

The scripture God has given us in Grace Church Kansanga for 2016 is Daniel 11:32 “The people who know their God shall be strong and carry out great exploits”.

We can only be strong when we know God. We can only carry out exploits when we are strong in God.

So this year we will focus a lot in our teachings and preachings on getting to know our God better.

Children’s Sunday in Grace Church Childrens Sunday GCK Jan 2016

Sunday 24th January was dedicated to the children. They led the congregation in praise and worship, performed songs and dances, coordinated the meeting and preached to us about forgiveness.

Childrens Sunday GCK Jan 2016Childrens Sunday GCK Jan 2016

Bible School for Pastors

All Nations Theological College and Seminary, a church organization based in South Korea, will be teaching Ugandan pastors throughout 2016 and the venue will be Grace Church Kansanga. The program is free of charge, and those who complete the studies will be awarded a certificate.

The school will begin on 21st March and will go on for one week each month with different qualified teachers.

Tuesday 17th January we had a team of 20 South Koreans visiting our church to see the premises and to get to know each other. They surprised us by leading us in praise and worship in Luganda and brought gifts for the pastor and the whole congregation.

For more information about this program, please contact Administrator Fred Serunjogi on mobile 0776 091 447.

South Korean Bible School in GCK 2016South Korean Bible School in GCK 2016

South Korean Bible School in GCK 2016South Korean Bible School in GCK 2016

Visit to Grace Church Lwensambya in Mubende

Friday 22nd January a team of 3 leaders from theLwensambya 23 Jan 2016.jpg headquarters in Kansanga visited our branch church in Lwensambya in Mubende District.

The reason for their visit was to teach and instruct leaders and church members on how to prepare for marriage and organize weddings. This will be an on-going program as we have discovered that there is a need for such teachings in most of our village churches.

The situation in the villages is that many Christians, including ministers, and not properly married. Our aim is to change this by helping our branch churches to organize proper weddings.

Sunday 23 August in Grace Church Kansanga

GCK Sunday 23 Aug 2015 Arnfinn Clementsen

We were blessed to have Pr. Tormod Røyland and Pr. Arnfinn Clementsen with us in Grace Church Kansanga Sunday 23 August. About 30 of our village pastors and leaders from Kyenjojo, Kabarole, Mubende, Kibaale, Luwero, Nakaseke and Manafwa were also with us. What a Sunday!

Pr. Tormod taught about praying for the sick while Pr. Arnfinn preached about "Sitting, Walking, Standing" based on Paul's letter to the Ephesians.

GCK Sunday 23 Aug 2015 Tormod Ryland

GCK Sunday 23 Aug 2015 Arnfinn Tormod

GCK Sunday 23 Aug 2015 Arnfinn TormodGCK Sunday 23 Aug 2015 Pr. Joloba

GCK Sunday 23 Aug 2015 KyenjojoGCK Sunday 23 Aug 2015 Mubende

GCK Sunday 23 Aug 2015 ManafwaGCK Sunday 23 Aug 2015 Arnfinn Clementsen

GCK Sunday 23 Aug 2015 Arnfinn ClementsenGCK Sunday 23 Aug 2015 Arnfinn Clementsen Tormod Ryland

National Seminar for Pastors and Church Leaders

20th - 22nd August 2015

Venue: Kansanga Miracle CenterNat Sem Aug 2015

The National Seminar for Pastors and Church Leaders 2015 is over. 

Close to 1000 pastors and church leaders from various districts all over Uganda gathered at Kansanga Miracle Center for a 2.5 day seminar titled "Turn your nation to God".

The main speaker, Pr. Dr. Arnfinn Clementsen from Norway, spoke about leadership for the nation and encouraged the pastors to think beyond their local churches.

We are grateful to Kansanga Miracle Center for allowing us to use their beautiful church as venue for this event, and we also appreciate all the pastors from National Fellowship of Born-Again Pentecostal Churches, Makindye District for all the effort they put into the seminar.

We pray that the national prayer campaign that was launched calling for prayer for Uganda and the upcoming elections will cause change in our nation.

For more photos click here.
Nat Sem  2015

Nat Sem Aug 2015

Poster National Seminar for Pastors and Church Leaders

Youth Sunday in Grace Church KansangaGCK Youth Sunday 2015

Sunday 26th July was the annual Youth Sunday in Grace Church Kansanga. Although the youth went for a casual look in terms of uniform, the praise and worship was powerful and the preacher of the day, Deacon Charles Nsamba, preached about the importance of faithfulness and having the Word of God in your life.

GCK Youth Sunday 2015GCK Youth Sunday 2015

Visit to Norway

Randi and Pr. Robert Andersen Kaddu are visiting Norway in May. To watch Pr.Robert's preaching in Karisma Church on May 10th click hereclick here.

Family Day in Grace Church Kansanga

On Sunday 26th of October we organized a Family DayFamily Day 2014 Robert preaching in church. The aim was to create a stronger sense of belonging to a church family. All our members were invited for breakfast, followed by a church service, games, lunch and prizes for the winners.

The day was a great success; more people showed up than on a normal Sunday, including people we had not seen in a while, and there was an atmosphere of joy and excitement the entire day. Just take a look at the photos and see for yourself!Family Day 2014 Games

Family Day 2014 Games

Family Day 2014 Games

Family Day 2014 Lunch

Family Day 2014 Prizes

Family Day 2014 Lunch

Grace Church KakiraGC Kakira April 2014

25th to 27th April Pr. Robert Andersen Kaddu, Mrs. Randi Andersen Kaddu, Ms. Juliet Keneema and Mr. James Kisembo visited one of our branch churches called Grace Church Kakira in Kyenjojo District. From the church building situated on a small hillside they have a great view of the beautiful surroundings.

The team had several teaching sessions, and after the film viewing on Saturday night many people raised their hands to get saved.


The team had brought second-hand clothes donated from Norway to be distributed according to need, and pencils for the children.

As always we were well received and were shown great hospitality.

GC Kakira April 2014GC Kakira April 2014










GC Kakira April 2014GC Kakira April 2014













Traffic awareness

Traffic awareness Ggaba April 2014

On Tuesday 15th April a team from Grace Church Kansanga visited a primary school in one of the poorer areas of Kampala together with two members of the local traffic police. We gathered the P4-P7 pupils and talked to them about how to behave in traffic, how reflector vests work and then we preached about Jesus. After this we gave out vests to all the P6 and P7 pupils, since these often have lessons so late in the day that they go home when it is dark.


This visit was highly appreciated by the school management, the pupils, and also the traffic police officers and we are planning more school visits this summer. The local traffic police are so happy about this initiative that we have been summoned for a meeting with the local chief police commander to discuss further cooperation.

Traffic awareness Ggaba April 2014

Traffic awareness Ggaba April 2014















Palm Sunday ConcertAIM Palm Sunday Concert 2014

One of the members of Grace Church Kansanga, Ms. Margaret Mirembe, is a student at Africa Institute of Music. Before Easter the school contacted us and asked if they could use our church as venue for a free concert on Palm Sunday. How could we say no? Thus, we started our Easter celebration with jazz-inspired praise and worship, classical choir song accompanied by a symphony orchestra, all to be ended with traditi

AIM Palm Sunday Concert 2014

onal African music performed on drums and adungu.

This experience left us hoping that the school will choose us another time they want to have a concert.


AIM Palm Sunday Concert 2014AIM Palm Sunday Concert 2014











Grace Church KasoloGC Kasolo March 2014

28th to 30th of March Pr. Robert Andersen Kaddu and Mrs. Randi Andersen Kaddu, together with Pr. James Mitwe of Grace Church Kyamukona, visited Grace Church Kasolo, which is in Mubende District, approximately 3.5 hours drive west of Kampala.

The team had several teaching 

GC Kasolo March 2014

sessions and had revival meetings with film shows both Friday and Saturday evening. Already on Friday night one woman gave her life to Jesus!


The church in Kasolo is small, but they have started a nursery school for the youngest children in the village. The school has about 70 pupils, no qualified teachers and they have their lessons in the small church building. They are currently looking for land to buy so they can build a suitable school building.

GC Kasolo March 2014GC Kasolo March 2014







GC Kasolo March 2014

GC Kasolo March 2014









GC Kasolo March 2014

GC Kasolo March 2014














Grace Church Lwensambya

21st to 23rd of March the Bishop together withGC Lwensambya March 2014 Pr. Richards Wamunga, Mr. Desire Joe and Mr. Peter Lujja visited Grace Church Lwensambya in Mubende District.

During their stay they had revival meetings and film viewings in the evenings. Before the service on Sunday morning a group of people were baptised in water.


GC Lwensambya March 2014

GC Lwensambya March 2014








GC Lwensambya March 2014

GC Lwensambya March 2014









GC Lwensambya March 2014

GC Lwensambya March 2014










Grace Church Kyevunze Face-lift


The church in Kyevunze has been painted, both inside and outside, and here is the result!

                 Before :                                                                 After:

Kyevunze church before


Kyevunze church after face-lift









Kyevunze church inside

Kyevunze church inside before face-lift




Visit to Grace Church NakaseetaNakaseeta Oct 2013

19th-20th of October Pr. Robert Andersen Kaddu and

Mrs. Randi Andersen Kaddu visited one of the branch churches, Grace Church Nakaseeta in Nakaseke District.


The church has made some improvements since the last visit to the church just two months earlier; new drums were in place and a platform cemented for the altar. The men also have some projects which are meant to raise money for the church in the future.


The children (and some grown-ups) received toothbrushes together with instructions on how to use them

Nakaseeta Oct 2013

Nakaseeta Oct 2013








Nakaseeta Oct 2013

Nakaseeta Oct 2013








Traffic Awareness

On Wednesday 16th of October ministers from Grace Church Kansanga joined forces with the

Kabalagala traffic police. We visited Kansanga Junior School and Maranatha Christian School to talk about Jesus, traffic safety and give the schools reflector vests for the pupils to use when walking home from school after dark. One of the schools has invited us back to hold a service with the P7 pupils before they sit their exams.

 Traffic Awareness Oct 2013Traffic Awareness Oct 2013







Traffic Awareness Oct 2013Traffic Awareness Oct 2013








Traffic Awareness Oct 2013

Traffic Awareness Oct 2013











Church Planting in Manafwa DistrictKhabutola Mission Sept 2013

The 20th-22nd of September a team from

Grace Church Kansanga went to Manafwa

District to plant a new church – Grace Church Khabutoola. The mission was a great success and several people got saved after watching a film called Pilgrimage.


We have bought land where a new church will be built and the team had a church service on that plot to bless the land.

Khabutola Mission Sept 2013Khabutola Mission Sept 2013 








Khabutola Mission Sept 2013

Khabutola Mission Sept 2013







 Khabutola Mission Sept 2013

Khabutola Mission Sept 2013









Khabutola Mission Sept 2013

Khabutola Mission Sept 2013








Praise report


On Saturday 7th of September Grace Church Kyevunze hosted a one day women’s conference. The conference was attended by 428 women and 4 of them accepted Jesus to be their Lord and Saviour.



Nakaseeta Revival Mission 23-25 August


Nakaseeta mission August 2013


23-25 August we organized a three day revival in Grace Church Nakaseeta and a great number of people were motivated and encouraged so; we left the church on fire again.

Five people were baptized by immersion, children, youth, men and women groupings were formed and second-hand clothes distributed.


Nakaseeta mission August 2013

Nakaseeta mission August 2013








Nakaseeta mission August 2013Nakaseeta mission August 2013








Nakaseeta mission August 2013

Nakaseeta mission August 2013








Nakaseeta mission August 2013Nakaseeta mission August 2013










Sunday 11 AugustKimera preaching 11 Aug 2013


The main preacher this Sunday was Pr Kimera who spoke on "Two economic systems".

Grace Church Kansanga has been blessed with a projector so the song lyrics are now projected on the wall, and this will also allow the preachers to have a PowerPoint presentation to back up their preaching.


This Sunday was also Pr Robert's first Sunday in church after returning from a visit to Norway, and he displayed a Norwegian flag he had brought which will be hung on the wall in church.

Norwegian flag

praise and worship 11 Aug 2013











Team visit from NorwayNSBC Brandon praying


From 22-29 March, we in Grace Church Kansanga were blessed to host a youth team from North Sea Baptist Church in Stavanger, Norway. The team was made up of four teenagers and three grown-ups.



During the week the team had a busy schedule both in Grace Church and outside; they preached, presented skits, songs and testimonies and had the children's programme in the main service on Sunday 24. They also participated in a youth meeting, community evangelism and distributed reflector jackets to boda-boda-drivers.

NSBC team in Sunday School


In addition to this, the team visited three primary schools, 2 secondary schools and one orphanage in and around Kampala where they preached, presented games, songs and skits and also handed out gifts to the children. They also had three meetings in a small village church before ending the week with a safari trip to Murchison Falls National Park.


During their visit many were encouraged and blessed and three people gave their lives to Jesus.

NSBC team distributing reflector jackets

NSBC team with youths