Mubende districtPastor Mitwe of of Grace Church Kyamukona


Pastor in charge of district:

Pastor James Mitwe












Grace Church Kasolo, Pastor Mbabazi


This church was opened in April 2012.




WomenGroupStartedinKasolo April 2012

MensGroupStartedinKasolo April 2012








Men's Group                                               Women's Group

YouthGroupStartedinKasolo April 2012

ChildrensChurchinKasolo April 2012








Youth Group                                              Children's Church

ChurchlandinKasolo April 2012

KasoloCongregation April 2012








Church land in Kasolo                                 The congregation in Kasolo



Grace Church Kyamukona, Pastor James Mitwe


PO BOX 7 Mubende

Church building Kyamukoona

Pastor Mitwe, Kyamukoona , Mubende













Grace Church Lwensambya,

Pastor Basole of Grace Church Lwensamya


Pastor Basole Fraceciane


 Lwensambya Mubende Sept 2012


LwensambyaChurch April 2012









LwensambyaGraceChurch April 2012 Lwensambya Mubende Sept 2012

 Lwensambya Mubende Sept 2012Lwensambya Mubende Sept 2012









Grace Church Mubende,


Pastor Oliver Bafumbira